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What's The Project About?

The progress has gone far ahead. Computers have become smarter than people. 
It's cool, we are fine. But what about our planet?

Our Planet Suffers

Загрязнение окружающей среды

The Environmental Issue

People have long polluted the environment and poisoned the Earth. The result was not long in coming - very soon, the environmental problems will lead to irreversible consequences for the planet and humanity.

We're All Endangered...

We are killing off wildlife

The ice glaciers are melting due to global warming. Animals that live in the far north and south are losing their homes and die every day.

Do we really need animal agriculture?

The problem with animal agriculture

Animal agriculture is defined as the world's most destructive industry. It causes acres of rainforests to be destroyed every single second, and causes species of animals and insects go extinct every day. Overuse of water is another problem; did you know that a 1/3 pound burger requires 660 gallons of water?

Do The Oceans Really Deserve to Die?

The Problem Of Ocean Resources Usage

For a long time we have been deploying the land, and now we have reached the World Ocean. Islands of garbage, a huge amount of chemical waste. We kill not only water, but all living organisms that live inside it. Where will it bring us?

The Planet Can't Feed Us Forever. 
We Ask For Too Much.

The Energy Problem

People use raw materials in very large quantities, with no control at all. This led to the depletion of mineral reserves, which accumulated over hundreds of millions of years. Soon, such life-important reserves as fuel may disappear as well.

The Earth Wasn't Enough, So We Passed to The Space 

The Problem of Space Exploration 

The launch of a spacecraft affects the upper layers of the atmosphere just as an atomic bomb explosion affects the environment. In addition, we leave garbage even in space, turning it into a huge dump.

Take a Second to Think About It...

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